9 Mayıs 2013 Perşembe

VU+ Solo2 CI High Bitrate Fix

New and blazing fast Vu+ Solo2 devices suffer a bug that causes CI modules cannot initiate high bitrate support properly after boot, reboot or GUI (Enigma) restart.

I wrote "VU+ Solo2 CI High Bitrate Fix" plugin to fix this problem. Just install the file and restart Enigma2. There is no GUI for this plugin, so don't try hard to find an entry on the Plugins menu. This plugin does its job on the background silently while Enigma2 is starting. After CI initiates properly, the plugin terminates to free system resources it uses.

Wish you enjoy it!
Version History:
- Fixed several bugs reported by the initial version
- Added support for all CI modules (not limited for D-Smart CI module anymore)
- Added OE 1.6 support

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  1. hocam, download linki turkeyforum ile başlıyor, halbuki aşağıdaki gibi olması lazım.


    1. Uyarınız için teşekkürler. Blogtaki tüm linkleri Yandex'e taşıdım.