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Buyukbang Panel Plugin v1.4.1 for Enigma2 - English Description

Please read below descriptions for the details on the features and usage instructions.
You can see all screenshots in a slideshow by clicking the above picture. You can report bugs you find, share your thoughts and suggestions and read other users' comments on  this page.


Do you what to translate Buyukbang Panel to other languages? So, just open /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/BuyukbangPanel/locale/BuyukbangPanel.pot with a text editor, write translations to the areas under the English words/sentences, save and send this file to buyukbang@gmail.com !

Supported STB's:
- VU+
- Dreambox
- Xtrend
- Clarke-Tech
- Azbox
- Other boxes using Enigma2...

Version History:
- Bug fix: Exception occurs during Copy EPG process on some images including Blackhole.

- "EPG file operations" menu is added. With this menu, you can delete, backup or restore epg.dat files containing EPG information.
- Bug fix: Errors preventing installation of Buyukbang Panel on some images.

- Bug fix: Copy EPG process and Scheduler work at wrong time or
doesn't work at all when the box has invalid date/time (1970) at boot and time update via DVB/NTP delays.
- Bug fix: Scheduled Copy EPG doesn't work when Periodic Copy EPG is activated.
- Bug fix: Buyukbang Panel icon on Plugin Browser is not shown on nonPLi based images.
Bug fix: Cannot install ipk file on Dreambox OE2 Experimental Image with an warning error.

Bug fix: Green screen while Copy EPG process in some images is fixed.

- Both OE 1.6 and OE 2.0 images are supported by this version. Tests are done with PLi 2.1 and 3.0 images.
- Bug fix: Scheduled operations not functioning in some images.

- Norwegian translation is added. Thanks to Olebrumm from kvasirdo.com !
- Italian translation is added. Thanks to Doctor Who from wlgforever.info !

- User interface is redesigned.
- "Scheduler" is added.
- "Startup to Standby" is added.
- Several performance and stabilization improvements are implemented.

- All bugs reported for different devices and images are fixed.

- Initial version

Known Issues:
- Copy EPG does not work on Dreambox OE2 Experimental Images since old EPG structure is changed and now none of the EPG importer plugins cannot work on this image as discussed here and here. We are waiting for new EPG import mechanism described here.

Copy EPG:
Copies EPG data from source channels to the same channels without EPG data on other satellites or packages. For example Turkish users currently use Buyukbang Panel to copy EPG to 50+ channels on Turksat 42E from 7E. 

You need to create a bouquet named EPG and insert source and destination channels in it to use this feature. Ordering should be as follows: SourceChannel, DestinationChannel1, SEPARATOR (note: anything can be typed as a separator), SourceChannel, DestinationChannel1, DestinationChannel2, DestinationChannel3, - , ... and so on. As you can see you need to start with a source channel, then you can define one or more destination channels for a source channel and you need to use a separator between mapping groups. 

Here are some important notes on  this functionality:

1- Buyukbang panel does EPG Copy process in only one step without generating, exporting, importing any XML file. Everything happens on RAM, this is what makes Buyukbang Panel so fast!.

2- This functionality can be scheduled to run at a specific time with "Scheduled EPG Copy" or run periodically between user defined intervals with with "Periodic EPG Copy". 

3- It's suggested to use a source channel with EPG data as the startup service. Buyukbang Panel has an option named "Startup copy delay" to adjust waiting time for receiving of EPG data on startup.

4- Buyukbang Panel automatically detects supported EPG import methods provided by the image being used and chooses the fastest method. PLi/Oudeis/CrossEPG patches are supported. If the image contains one of these patches, EPG copy process does not require any restart to import EPG and everything completed on the fly. But if there is no EPG patch provided, Buyukbang Panel generates a new epg.dat, asks user confirmation for a restart, after the restart EPG is loaded. Additionally Buyukbang Panel uses twisted thread if the image supports it. With twisted thread method, EPG copy process runs on a different CPU thread, so that there will be freezing on Enigma2 user interface freezing during the process.

5- If you have any problem with EPG copy process on an image with PLi/Oudeis/CrossEPG patches, you can activate "Force CrossEPG patch usage" option which disables PLi/Oudeis support and forces CrossEPG patch usage.

6- All settings can be changed on a user friendly interface. 

7- You can easily show and save all process details by using the log screen. Saved log file is generated as /tmp/buyukbangpanel.log .

Notes on EPG Bouquet: You can insert - markers while you are editing EPG bouquet with Enigma2 channel list by using menu button of remote controller. It you are using dbedit'te to edit EPG bouquet, just use "Insert marker" option from the right click menu while pointing on the  bouquet. You can use whatever you want  as a marker, there is no restriction for that. You can see a sample EPG bouquet  below :

EPG Overlap Problem: Enigma2 imports EPG by using NID, SID ve TSID parameters. So EPG of the channels with the same NID, SID ve TSID parameters unfortunately overlaps. If you have this kind of problem in your EPG bouquet, there is a method to prevent the overlapping. You need to edit your channel list with DreamEdit and differentiate the parameters of the problematic channels. 

You can see how to use this method on the following screenshots. Select the channel from the channel list, right click, select
"Show/Edit Details"option. Now you'll have a screen like the one on the second screenshot. Here, use different values as "Service ID" to differentiate channel parameters and click "Save" button. Now delete the old channel from your EPG bouquet and add the new one and that's all! Be sure that Buyukbang Panel reload your new EPG bouquet which depends on the "Read EPG bouquet" option. If you didn't change its default value, you need a restart to load new EPG bouquet:

Link EPG:
Links EPG data source channels to the same channels without EPG data on other satellites or packages. Link EPG does not replicate EPG data on RAM and just link it dynamically, which differs Link EPG from Copy EPG. There will be no RAM usage or epg.dat file creation, which is good in terms of system resources. 

Another advantage of this option is that Link EPG updates EPG changes of source channels in real time. So you always have the latest EPG!

But there is a disadvantage, too: Setting this option as "ALL EPG Queries" causes enigma2 always try to record it from the source channel instead of the destination channel when you want to record the event selected in the single / multi EPG browsers. Setting this option as "Only Infobar and EPG Info" does not have this disadvantage, but it does not cover single / multi EPG browsers and EPG searches.

Panel uses "Only Infobar and EPG Info" option as default. Because this solves "Infobar EPG Flickering" problem. This problem occurs when EPG data on RAM and on the loaded epg.dat differs. You will not have such a problem with Buyukbang Panel!

EPG will be very useful for the images that have problems with Copy EPG. If you encounters such a situation, just disable Copy EPG and set Link EPG as "ALL EPG Queries". This option provides EPG linking of single/multi  EPG  lists of the target channels to the source channels in real time.

Filter EPG:
Filters out unwanted EPG broadcasts like "Current" and "Next". You can add/remove filtered EPG titles to "EPG titles" option by using the user interface. This user defined list is case insensitive. You can add different text to this list by using comma as seperator between entries. Example screenshots of the result given below:



Fix EPG Encoding:
Fixes EPG encoding problems by querying Kingofsat for selected language and adding missing entries to encoding.conf at startup once a day. Everything happens automatically on the background without any user intervention. All languages and encoding formats are supported.

EPG File Operations:
With this menu, you can delete, backup or restore epg.dat files containing EPG information. "Delete" operation is useful for cases when having problems with EPG data or if fresh EPG data creation is needed.  "Backup" and "Restore" operations are useful when you want to save current EPG data. Enigma 2 interface is restarted automatically after "Delete" and "Restore" operations.

Hide Zap Errors:
Hides SID/PAT zap errors displayed on the screen after switching to wrongly modified / broken channels. This is a integrated feature of PLi image and Buyukbang Panel provides this to the other images!

Startup to Standby:
Takes STB to standby on startup. Differs from statuptostandby plugin by providing an option to exclude enigma2 restarts.
Performs scheduled restart, reboot, shutdown and standby operations. You can choose specific time and day of the week as the schedule.

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  1. You can report bugs you find, share your thoughts, suggestions and comments here!

  2. it doesn't work for me

    my channel has epg but only for two days I want to update it with the epg of another sat but doesn't work although it says it is done

    the image is bh 176

  3. Some users reported that they use in this image, so there should be something wrong with your setup.

    - Do you have a valid EPG bouquet created as described in this blog ?
    - Did you wait at the source channel before EPG copy process? Because source EPG data should be downloaded OTA before copy it over another channel ?

    If both OK, After EPG copy process, could you please enter log screen, press save button then send me log file generated in /tmp? You can give a link here.

  4. the problem is that the epg from the source channel is loaded with mhw2downloader and both have the epg when I click in manual copy

    I will upload the log when I have contact with my home computer

  5. this is the uploaded log


    i think it is ok .... but it doesnt seem to be loaded at least in the web neither in the epg (cooltv for example)

    something must be wrong :S

    please email me and if you need i can give access to the machine
    i want this to work because the epg of my cable provider is asnot good as it is in the sat provider

  6. raikol duergar at gmail dot com

  7. Now I see the poroblem. It should be mhw2downloader...

    I never used mhw2downloader, does it create a filled epg.dat file ? If this is the way that mhw2downloader works, then it's not possible to copy EPG data created with mhw2downloader over antoher channel.

    You should use a real EPG source channel that receives EPG data from the provider.

    Or, may be, just may be, there is another solution if you don't have a real EPG source channel. This is completely trivial:

    - You need to use openPLi, openPLi based, VTi image or antoher image that you can see "PLi EPG patch detected" on Buyukbang Panel log screen. "PLi EPG patch" is a must for this method since this patch allows replacing EPG data direclty on RAM, nor epg.dat file only !

    - You need to use Rytec XML import plugin instead of mhw2downloader to fill EPG data for the source channel. Because Rytec XML import plugin suppports "PLi EPG patch".

    With this setup, after you fille the source channel with the right EPG data, try EPG Copy with Buyukbang Panel and hope it works for you :)

  8. mhw2downloader uses crossepg and i suppose that crossepg doesnt use epg.dat .... but i think i can configure it to use it ..... or at least the mhw2 ...... i will test

  9. i was thinking in how it works :S

    your plugin uses crossepg to reload epg? or uses the same form that crossepg uses to reload epg????
    and if mhw2 uses crossepg that loads the data in ram .... your plugin doesnt support this?????

  10. Buyukbang Panel does not use any plugin to load EPG data, all logic is implemented built-in. As described in the blog page there are there patches available to inject EPG data and Buyukbang Panel supports all these patches and related methods. So both epg.dat method and direct RAM injection are supported.

  11. but i dont understand then why the epg data that is in the channel that has been loaded with crossepg (and mhw2) CANT be accessed by buyukbang panel

    1. Buyukbang Panel uses native E2 EPG query interface when copying EPG data of a source channel, nothing special. This interface is used by all other EPG view plugins like multi EPG, CoolTVGuide, etc. As far as I remember, this interface uses both EPG broadcast and data read from epg.dat file. So, in your situation, I think nonexistent EPG data broadcase should fake copy process.

      At this point all I can recommend you is, again , PLi + Rytec XML import plugin to fill source channel EPG. Although I can't guarantee the success, it worths to try.

    2. thank you again
      in the end i have done this with the crossepg it has an script called alias.py that reads a conf with a source channel and destinys channels and copies the epg from one to anothers.

      i dont know why it works ..... but the channel now has the epg of the sat channel instead of the broadcasted one.

      i have tried this before but it didnt worked because ididnt enable the script in the configuration of crossepg.

      although i have this working if ill try pli sometimes ill do what you are suggestion

      so thank you for the support

    3. Happy to hear that you solved the problem. Alias is a good choice for that since you use only one plugin and since Alias solved the problem, it should use a different solution for the problem. I tested alias before but never dived deeply inside that feature. Does it support copy EPG of broadcasted EPG data or only support to copy imported XML data ? If the second one is valid, then it should reinjects same EPG data saved on internal db of CrossEPG to both your source and destinations channels which is not a copying operation, is rather double injection. May be this is the difference between two methods you tried and helped you success with alias?

  12. i think that after importing xml (or inserting it with mhw2) it uses the alias to copy the epg between channels and after that it copyes that to the epg ....

    i dont think that it supports the copy of broadcasted epg, because it isnt in its database.

    1. Yes, I think we agree on that. Anyway, important point is that you finded a solution. Happy for that. Cheers !

    2. Thank you for this very useful plugin.
      I am using Buyukbang Panel Plugin with the latest version of OpenPLi for some channels which don't have epg at all (also no no/next epg). In the settings I have chosen to link all epg queries and to read epg in realtime. Still I don't see the epg in the info bar. If I press the info-key, I can see the title of the next show but still not the title of the current show. Is this a bug and could you please fix it?

    3. This sounds as you didn't waited enough at the EPG source channel before EPG copy or link in real time. Be sure that source channel has EPG for now and next, than retry EPG copy/link.

  13. Hi
    it doesn't work for me.
    I am using openpli and EEPGImport plugin to have EPG available on several days.
    I want to have the EPG available on some IPTV channels coming from my ADLS box because they are in HD. Does the tool work with IPTV channels also ?
    Thanks !

  14. Startup to Standby works fine on openvix-3.0.808 on Gigablue HD800SE, but LED does not change colour to Red (as per user system settings), but does display Clock (as per same settings). On normal manual Standby LED does go Red.


  15. Hi ! I want to propose a new project ... since you are an expert in EPG ... let's modify XBMC Addons in order to put movie name ... e.g. ... Inception-(2010) ... into current channel EPG in order to make it available for DD_subt witch can fetch the subtitle file and play it during movie play !!!

  16. epg dosya islemlerini yapamiyorum icerisi hep bos bu kisim galiba epgnin yolunu görmuyor yada ellede vu+ icerisindeki epg dosyasini siliyorum etc/enigma2,hdd olanai hepsini denedim ama gine ayni epg geri geliyor sifrlayamiyorum ...kullandigim img openplus

  17. Hi!
    I just installed the plugin. But when i switch to EPG list, it results a crash (green screen and restart GUI). Tried to remove the plugin, it says removed, but the crash is there. What should i do, how can i switch back to my previous state?
    Using DM8000 with Openpli 4.
    Need urgent help...

  18. Hi. The plugin is working on my image. But it doesn`t load EPG automatically. Every day i have to open each Source channel in EPG bucket manually. Otherwise i won`t get EPG on Destination channel`s. Log tell`s that all 3 patches are installed. It also report that each hour it found EPG on Source channels and copied it to Destination channels. My receiver is Duo4k. Image openpli 7.2.

  19. Two days of using. Plugin is doing it`s job. It copy`s EPG to destination channels. But i have noticed one drawback. When you are watching some channel and event has changed EPG doesn`t refreshes automatically in 1-st and second infobar. In both infobars EPG remains from event that was when you switched to channel. You have to switch to another channel and return back to refresh the EPG.